Do’s and Don’ts While Presenting a Corporate Gift

There are many things to be considered beforehand only while purchasing corporate gifts. The most common questions that come to one’s mind are: What to buy, How much to spend and When is the best occasion to gift?

There are a lot of factors attached to the promotional corporate gifts, as it shows that you are loyal and truly valuable to your clients and their business.

Besides this, gifting the right promotional product can also boost the employee’s morale.

On the other hand, if the process of presenting the gift to your client is not done correctly, it can really damage your company’s reputation and can cost your business as well. Therefore one must follow certain guidelines in order to present best promotional gifts.


Do determine an object – The best time to present a corporate gift is during the season of holidays. Thus an objective in this case must be to gift a holiday present. Besides you can also present gifts to your business associates or clients during the beginning of a business or an incentive program. Thus, if you have an objective your gift selection will become simple.

Do make the list of recipients – Determining in advance the recipients will help you choose the right item. You shouldn’t present the similar gift to your clients and customers.

Do be unique – It isn’t it difficult to go to the market and buy a popular, trendy item and present it as a wholesale gebiz corporate gift. It is a difficult task to present unique gift items that you can brand well with your logo.

Besides this, you will also be remembered for long if you present a thoughtful gift to your clients.


Don’t give personal gifts – Personal gifts are meant for family, friends or neighbours. You should never present a personal gift in the corporate arena; rather select a tasteful and professional gift. By choosing a neutral gift, you can avoid offending your clients.

Don’t present an expensive gift – It is very significant to pay attention to your budget while choosing a corporate gift. An expensive gift will not help you in creating an expression on your clients; rather it could be misconstrued as a bribe.

Don’t wait till the last minute – Planning ahead is the key. Therefore it is always better to plan a corporate gift for your clients in advance only. Choosing the gift at the very last moment can result you in choosing an inappropriate gift.

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